What You Should Expect

  • Client advocate…not a product or carrier advocate.
  • Understand and communicate trends in the healthcare financing sector.
  • Has access to a variety of insurance carriers and vendors, with the ability to negotiate effectively with them.
  • Communicate industry trends, benefits, changes, etc. to your employees.
  • Implement employee assistance, disease management, prescription benefit management, and other appropriate programs.
  • Assures acceptable and accurate claims processing.

Helping people understand and
maximize their healthcare experience.

Scott M. Stevens, RHU, CDHC is an employee benefits and consumer directed healthcare (CDH) broker/consultant, helping employer organizations of all types reduce their health insurance and related employee benefits costs. Stevens has helped thousands of organizations implement alternative health insurance funding solutions, creative strategies, and employee educational tracts over a 30+ year period.

Hear What Scott Has to Say...

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