Broker/Consulting Services


What You Should Expect

Client advocate…not a product or carrier advocate.

Understand and communicate trends in the healthcare financing sector.

Has access to a variety of insurance carriers and vendors, with the ability to negotiate effectively with them.

Communicate industry trends, benefits, changes, etc. to your employees.

Implement employee assistance, disease management, prescription benefit management, and other appropriate programs.

Assures acceptable and accurate claims processing.

Our Unique 5 Step Approach

  1. Assess your needs and obtain a solid understanding of your company’s particular situation.
  2. Search our markets for the best solutions to meet your needs (e.g., insurance carriers, administrators, vendors).
  3. Implement the plans and services you agree to.
  4. Educate your employees on all of the particulars relating to the benefit plans implemented, providing a thorough understanding of the features and benefits.
  5. Support your company on an ongoing basis, essentially becoming an extension of your employee benefits department.

What We Will Do For You

Represent YOUR COMPANY, not the insurance company, vendor, or TPA.

Analyze current benefits, carriers, and vendors, and make appropriate recommendations.

Assist with deriving premium cost sharing strategies and spending account contributions.

Assist you in conducting health risk assessments to better understand the particular health care cost drivers affecting your organization.

Prepares you to deal with regulatory changes.

Monitor and improve benefit designs and offerings.

Provide claims, data, and bench marking information to help you make informed decisions.

Ensure plans are carefully written and comply with applicable laws.

Evaluate technical capabilities of the vendors used to administer your various plans.